Wednesday, August 3, 2011

100% Hypno: An Electric Mystery

 There's something strange happening in the underground, a wild lightning in the aether. I've learned to watch for the signs, to sniff the world's spoor for the new and the interesting. I'm telling you right now: there's something weird coming down.
 Perhaps, like me, you've been seeing odd, suggestive postings on some of the more interesting sites recently. Charmingly cryptic and satiric they hint at some important information that you could decipher if you just knew a little bit more. A tingling on the tip of your mind.
Take this one for example:
Or try this on for size:
 I get the reference, the heavily layered satire. They're coming on like Situationists with brains, but it seems to me that I can sense another flavor in these occluded messages.  What is that, a yearning for excitement, for something better?  Is that the effervescent taste of hope?
  Then these fascinating little brain teasers starting showing up offline. Encrypted fliers popping up all 20th Century like, stapled over a mass of tattered band posters on a light pole. Weird graffiti and half-heard phrases from the guy two seats down the bar. 
And most interestingly,  "HYPNOCRACY NOW!"
 Strange messages, not ubiquitous but consistently in my field of vision, if only the corner of my eye. Allusions to the Hypnocracy, or more simply, Hypno.  Which is what? A band name? A brand? some occult, fevered art style? Whoever is behind it has an impressive work ethic. They had something to say, however esoteric, and they weren't messing around in getting the word out there.
And then this appears:
Well, now. A scan glyph, isn't that clever? So very NOW. It's the 21st Century and when information comes fast we can beam it right up. That's bleeding edge innovation and the doorway to an electric mystery.
  The door opens and there is...well, there's a legion. The door leads you to this:

and to something they call the Hypnoplex
 A picture is revealed. A shape coalescing from strategically placed bits of information and imagery, a cloud of particles condensing into the form of a man, or is it a monster? That's interesting, that is.  That's 100%. 
How long has Hypno been growing around us? Take a look  at this work, this Hypno. Weird horror and beach blanket mash-up that works irrationally well. Hyper colored violent satire. Dreamy Art Deco, thought crime, pulp fiction.  This is the electric zap of hardworking creators  broadcasting something new.  The ozone tang of a new tomorrow that's mad and beautiful and terrifying.
 Clearly they've been at this for a while, building in secret, madmen in their laboratories, and now they're bringing something original onto the planet. Like anything new they're at a fragile time and they've put the word out for all who want tomorrow to be a bigger place.  A call to arms for the new myths we can use to construct our world.
  Those of you who are experienced will know what to do.





Saturday, July 16, 2011

Member Profile: Mademoiselle

Author photo by J.Campanaro for Yeah. No. Totally. Available at Perfect Day Publishing

Profile written by J.K.

Some people defy description not because there is too little to know about them but, rather, because there is too much. Such is the evocative mystery of  Lisa Wells, the creative powerhouse and 100% Club member known as "Mademoiselle". Poet, essayist, fiction writer, actress, tracker, performance artist, pulp writer, mistress of disguise and world traveler. Writer/Philosopher Derrick Jensen describes her as " extraordinary young talent". She's on the human adventure and she's hear to tell us about it.
   What is it she hasn't done? Vagabond days in Central America; enduring the Midwestern monotony and loveliness; West Coast decadent hedonism; training into the ways of wilderness living; working with Nicaraguan street kids and teaching drama; exploring a world full of strange, wonderful, dubious characters.
  Yet in all of her work, amidst the knowing, aching  human sadness there is joy, a sense of empathy and wonder at the mere fact of life, a gratitude for the offerings of the universe that made us.
   "My plan was to sit on a hill and think and ask a few questions of my own, "What the fuck?" being chief among them. I did it for three days. Just sat there without eating food or drinking water. What some people call a vision quest. I prefer to call it sitting. Whatever you call it the point has always been to die, the end the most profound experience was also the most expect: a longing for water. It was the first time in my life I'd been truly thirsty...I was in love with water.  No life without the god of water. I shoved my nose into the desert floor and dug my fingernails in the dirt, down until I located a premonition of moisture, and dragged my nostrils against it, greedily sucking up the scent. I wept without tears and apologized to the world for all of my ungratefulness".
- excerpt from Knell of the Worried Well  from Yeah. No. Totally (2011) Perfect Day Publishing

 Still, one identity and one way of being may not be enough for her. Is it a coincidence that she disappeared into the speaking tour of aging rocker Derrick Dean who, along with his drug addled reminiscences of his glory days as a B-level rock star, read from her work?
What's the connection?

Lisa Wells, at the same time mysterious and openly honest, blazes across our world making it better and more true.  She has many tales to tell and there is no doubt each one will be 100%.