Friday, April 24, 2009

Origins Unknown

The origins of the One Hundred Percent Club are shrouded in shadow and mystery. Not in a bad way like a body found buried in the backyard or a government conspiracy, but more like the exciting intrigue of a treasure hunt or the trail of clues that could unlock the secrets of a lost civilization. It can't be said with certainty what year the organization began, who were its first members or even the country in which it was instigated. Nonetheless there are tantalizing hints.
The annals of the French Revolution refer to a shadowy group of masterminds known as “L'association de Cent Pour Cent” that battled the injustices on both sides of the conflict.And an avant-garde group of decadent painters and performers that called themselves “The One Hundred Percentage Salon” turned the European art world on its ear in the early 1920s. And it is believed that in the 1970s a group of geniuses and scientists referred to as “The 100% Tank” brought a grateful public space-age fabrics that revolutionized fashion and several new Disco dance moves.
Were these variations of the same group transformed through time or merely different organizations with the same agenda of living a life of 100% passion and creativity? We may never know, but each glimpse into the Club's mysterious past offers us yet another way to live a life that is one hundred percent.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Member Profile: Ma'am

Cassidy Muckleston is a Marvel. Art hero, sensualist and philosopher she is a core member of the 100% Club.

Her background a riddle, the mysterious, world traveling beauty who would become known as Ma'am stepped one morning from a long haul train car, steam from the engine rising around her. Her battered travel bag contained only some well rendered drawings of a Welsh castle and the secret codes to a Chinese spy satellite. Strapped to her forearm was a facon, traditional fighting knife of the Argentine gauchos.

Within months she'd carved out a reputation as an unstoppable artist adventurer. Creating paintings, fiber art, installation pieces and works in a variety of media while finding time to solve such mysteries as the Secret of the Bar Hopper Murders and the Riddle of The Ironic Mustache.

These are merely a few of her works. Many of which are available for sale. Inquire for prices.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome to our world.

Hello and welcome. So glad you could join us. Here you will find a glimpse into the infinitely limitless world of The One Hundred Percent Club.

The One Hundred Percent Club is an association of thinkers, adventurers, artists, iconoclasts, bon vivants, freedom fighters, experts, philosophers and master minds who dedicate themselves to combating today’s thin culture of mediocrities, whiners and accepters of the status quo by living 100%.

The club stands for 100% intelligence. 100% adventure. 100% commitment. 100% work. 100% daring. 100% excitement. 100% results. 100% Action. 100% knowledge. 100% curiosity. 100% life.

Their motto is, “We get busy like nobody’s business"!

The members of the 100% Club are a notoriously high energy and idiosyncratic bunch and it's not always easy to keep up with them. Which is why we've created this website so that you will be able to view examples of their work and inventions; thrill to first hand reports of their adventures; learn about the philosophies and ideas that fuel their escapades; get a glimpse into their glamorous and busy lifestyles and discover more about their mysterious organization.

It's a big world out there and it's worth living one hundred percent!