Saturday, April 11, 2009

Member Profile: Ma'am

Cassidy Muckleston is a Marvel. Art hero, sensualist and philosopher she is a core member of the 100% Club.

Her background a riddle, the mysterious, world traveling beauty who would become known as Ma'am stepped one morning from a long haul train car, steam from the engine rising around her. Her battered travel bag contained only some well rendered drawings of a Welsh castle and the secret codes to a Chinese spy satellite. Strapped to her forearm was a facon, traditional fighting knife of the Argentine gauchos.

Within months she'd carved out a reputation as an unstoppable artist adventurer. Creating paintings, fiber art, installation pieces and works in a variety of media while finding time to solve such mysteries as the Secret of the Bar Hopper Murders and the Riddle of The Ironic Mustache.

These are merely a few of her works. Many of which are available for sale. Inquire for prices.

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